About Us

During the early 2000's, a small group of like-minded global travellers began sharing their home decor and interior design ideas, taking inspiration from traditional manufacturing techniques in far flung corners of the world.

With an emphasis on supporting local employment in developing countries and keeping traditional skills alive, an idea was born to source and then ultimately manufacture unique designs for the online home decor market.

The first products to go on sale were bespoke candles. More product lines followed, including very popular Thai kapok soft furnishings, solid wood stools, tables, footstools, vases and wood kitchenware.

The Collumino trademark was registered in 2014 and applied to all handmade items for sale. The name draws inspiration from the latin verb collumino, meaning "to enlighten".

Today, almost all Collumino product lines are manufactured by hand in the Far East, mostly Thailand, Vietnam and Bali, then imported to the United Kingdom. Our sourcing team are constantly on the lookout for new designs, with the emphasis on finding items which display something a little bit different from the ordinary.


Our UK contact details are listed below:

Art Candles UK Ltd.
112 Prince Rupert Drive
York, YO26 7PU.
Email: info@collumino.co.uk